Fête de l'estampe 2022

  • The French Ministry of Culture is once again supporting the Fête de l'estampe!

    A national and international event!




  • Art & Métiers du Livre

    Binding, bibliophilia, printmaking

    In each issue, discover the news of the exhibitions, as well as portraits of artists and craftsmen, such as bookbinders, printers, engravers...

    6 issues per year, which combine heritage and contemporary art. Available by subscription and by issue, online or on newsstands.

    Art & Métiers du Livre has been a partner of the Fête de l'estampe since 2013.

  • Le Salon PAGE(S

    The Page(s) Association aims to promote the artist's book and the contemporary illustrated book: participation in national and international exhibitions, organization of fairs, catalogues, Cdrom, website and all other forms of publication and dissemination of information. It brings together a hundred French and foreign publishers: Germany, England, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Spain...

  • Le Géant des Beaux-Arts

    Le Géant des beaux-arts, n°1 of the online sale of equipment for artists.

    Professional and adapted answers, non-stop from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday.

    Telephone contact at 0825 02 02 22 (0,18€TTC/min)

    Géant des beaux-arts has been a partner of the Fête de l'estampe since 2017.


  • Tartaix

    Tartaix Metals is the specialist in brass and retail metals. Since 1919, Tartaix has been selling retail metals and tooling. Tartaix sells service by cutting and sawing metals to customer dimensions, including copper and zinc polished for engraving. By fax or Internet in 24 hours maximum, the customer obtains a quote quantified of his needs (metal, cuts and shipping included). Tartaix delivers in France, Europe and around the world.
    Tartaix Metals has been a partner of the Fête de l'estampe since 2018

  • Matthieu Coulanges

    Since 2013, Matthieu Coulanges has been offering engravers instruments adapted to their work: scrapers, dry tips, bevellers, burnishers... 
    A profession that he practices in an artisanal way by adding his own aesthetic sensitivity.

    The professionals he meets teach him a lot about techniques and suggest ideas for tool optimizations. He explores the most varied supplier catalogs to find the products that will meet the specific needs of engravers. Then he modifies them until complete satisfaction.

     Contact : matthieu [dot] coulangesatgmail [dot] com

  • Artension

    Artension, the magazine of those who love art!

    Artension is the exciting and passionate magazine of current artistic creation.

    Bold and curious-minded, sometimes impertinent, he resolutely defends an independent look and detached from the effects of fashion, as close as possible to those who make the creation of today.

    This makes it the favorite magazine of collectors, amateurs and professionals, of those who like to sharpen their critical mind by themselves.

    Since 1982 (!) the magazine has been distributed to its very loyal subscribers and on newsstands throughout the national territory.

  • Gallix

    Since 1986 Gallix has been producing documentary films and short fiction films. She also participates in the production of programs on art, broadcast on Japanese television channels.

    In 2006 began the production of a series "Impressions fortes" with the support of the Bibliothèque nationale de France. 

    Gallix has been a partner of the Fête de l'estampe since 2016.

    5 rue Pierre Sémard 75009 Paris