Fête de l'estampe 2023

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Prepare your event and participate in this great event !

The 2023 French/English regulations, to be consulted imperatively! Thank you!

Since 2013, Manifestampe-Fédération nationale de l'estampe, organizes annually the Fête de l'estampe.
The 11th edition will take place in May 2023. Exhibitiions, workshops, conferences, etc.. are organized throughout France, Europe and Beyond.

Where to do the Fête de l'estampe ? Everywhere, all initiatives are possible.

When are we gonna have this party? Friday, May 26, 2023, the day of commemoration of the Edict of Saint-Jean de Luz of 1660, which consecrates engraving as a free art.    Planned events can begin before and end after the 26th, and if possible must be open to the public on May 26, 2023. 

Who can participate? All the actors of the print who have at heart to highlight the print to the public.

How to register? Registrations are done online in the subscription tab above. After validation, the event is published on our site.

Last events

  • 11 e Fête de la gravure 2023 - Atelier de Caroline Lesgourgues - Bures Morainvilliers ( France) – MORAINVILLIERS (France)

    4, bis rue de la Maréchale

  • Découverte de l’univers de la gravure 2 – Bourgneuf-En-Retz (France)

    16, rue du Château Gaillard
    44580 Bourgneuf-En-Retz

  • Fête de l'estampe – Paris (France)

    Menil8 - 8, Rue Boyer
    75020 Paris

  • Fête de l'estampe – Beauvais (France)

    13, Rue Greber
    60000 Beauvais